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GrOw Live Academy Course
On-demand training covering everything you need to know about social media, livestreaming and podcasting to grow your business and your influence with platforms that are free to use!
Email, Text & Video Marketing Training
Learn how to quickly and easily connect with and stand out to prospects using video integrated into emails and text messages.
How To Create A Show or Podcast
Learn how to create a show or podcast, how to stream it to multiple platforms, how to invite and interviews guests and how to get viewers and engagement.
Youtube SEO Training
Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine. Learn how to upload videos, create thumbnails that get attention and rank your videos at the top within minutes.

Advanced Streamyard Training

Learn how to livestream to multiple channels at once easily  and efficiently so you can reach more people and grow your audience.
How To Set-up and Use Business & Fan Pages
Understand how to set up, use and maximize social media for your business or brand separate from your personal accounts.
App Tutorials You Can Use For Livestreaming & Social
I'll walk you through how to use some apps that make graphics, posting and promotion a snap.
Tik Tok & Instagram Stories For Business
Think Tik Tok is just for teenagers? Think again. Tik Tok can be great for business, and so can Instagram stories. I'll show you just what to do and how to use them effectively.

PLUS, A HUGE VALUE BONUS...Bi-Weekly 90 Minute Live Training Sessions with celebrity guests. 

Members also get access to the complete library of training sessions.

Meet A Few Of Our Bi-Weekly Live Training Session Guests

I am so grateful to be connected to some of the greatest and most successful people in the world.

I am excited to share the genius of these friends with the GrOwLive members.

Glenn Morshower

Actor & Producer

You've know Glenn from the big screen and your television screen. Best known for his role as Agent Aaron Pierce on the hit TV show "24," Glenn also is known for his roles in "Bloodline," the Transformers movies and "Supergirl." Currently, Glenn plays Marshall Winthrop in the hit TV series "The Resident." He also will be guest starring in the final season of "Ozark." Glenn is a frequent special guest in the group and always has amazing nuggets to share.

Kyle Wilson

Founder of Jim Rohn Intl.

Kyle has worked with the top names in the personal development industry including Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy and his 18 year business partner, friend and mentor, Jim Rohn. Kyle, a personal development giant on his own, has filled huge seminar rooms and has launched and published multiple personal development publications. Kyle wowed the group with so much valuable information, insights and marketing wisdom. Everyone was blown away!

Forbes Riley

TV Personality & Fitness Expert

You've seen Forbes on your favorite home shopping channel. She has hosted more than 100 informercials worldwide. She also is a successful entrepreneur and the creator of the fitness sensation, The Spin Gym. As someone who spent 20 plus years marketing products on television, Forbes knows what works. She is now an author and one of the most highly sought after female speakers. The energy and expertise she brought to the group was phenomenal.

Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen

Author of the famous Chicken Soup For The Soul books, Mark and his wife Crystal,  an international speaker, corporate consultant and transformational life coach, have written a new book, Ask: The Bridge From Your Dreams To Your Destiny. Mark and Crystal have joined us multiple times, giving us wisdom, strategies and tactics to use.

Jason Redman

Ret. Navy Seal & Seal Officer

Jason is a retired Navy Seal and a true American Hero. Wounded in action during an enemy wartime ambush, Jason's "overcome all" attitude has led him to serve as a popular and influential speaker and a New York Times Best-Selling Author. Jason joined us in the group teaching leadership skills and about overcoming challenges. 

Robbie Summers

VP of Sales, Clickfunnels

Robbie is a force in sales and marketing. His energy, passion and knowledge is one aspect of what makes him great. In sales for more than 30 years, Robbie has found that the best way to help someone is to sell them something that can change their life. He has personally sold and trained sales teams that have sold tens of millions of dollars in high ticket products. Robbie's time with our group was one of the best!

Ron White

 Two-Time US Memory Champ

Ron is part of the History Channel show "Stan Lee's Super Humans and The Memory Expert." You may also have seen him on the Nat Geo channel's "Brain Games" as their memory expert. He holds records and has been a guest on more than 200 radio programs. He also authored more than a dozen CDs and books. In his time with us, he taught us exercises to improve our memory, in particular with names. It works!

Jeffrey Gitomer

The King of Sales

Jeffrey is a true sales guru and New York Times Best Selling Author, having penned 18 books. His "Little Red Book of Selling" is the number one best-selling sales book ever. Jeffrey has worked with some of the largest consumer brands in the world. He speaks at all over the world and has shaped the careers of millions of successful sales people. Jeffrey is a regular participant in the group and always delivers pure gold!

I went from just getting by to massive growth.

You can do the same starting TODAY

Now is the best and easiest time in history to start and grow a successful business thanks to the Internet.

So, what's holding you back?

You can build a brand, so why aren't you doing it?

By avoiding the opportunity, you're missing out.

By doing it, you're going to gain, so why aren't you doing it?

Here's why.....

Perhaps you're overwhelmed by the tech. I have a solution.

The GrOwLive Academy is an online training course that walks you, step by step, through everything you need to know to successfully livestream and implement video and social media marketing. Using these tools can skyrocket your sales and business.

Two huge perks: these platforms are FREE to use and your competitors aren't doing it!

Perhaps you feel pulled in too many directions, and you don't have the time to invest. I have a solution.

The GrOWLive Academy is an on-demand training course. Each video is between 4-12 minutes long and divided into easy to follow modules so you can learn and implement at your own pace.

Maybe you don't know how to even start and are nervous about putting yourself out there. I have a solution.

In The GrOwLive Academy, you'll meet and collaborate with business owners from all over the country and world who help each other brainstorm, train, strategize and practice to get continually better results.

Maybe you're worried about keeping up with what works best.

I have a solution.

The GrOwLive Academy features complete modules on livestreaming, social media marketing, video marketing, text message marketing, email marketing, starting and setting up a podcast and how to make high level valuable connections. I am continually updating and adding new content to the course so you have the latest tech and trends you need to stay on top.

This is exactly what you need to learn to grow your business and increase your income, so what are you waiting for?

Some Serious Statistics

*Livestreaming is going to be a $70.5 billion industry by the end of 2021.

*Live video campaigns boost video engagement by twice as much for influencer marketing. (RhythmOne)

2.91 billion users on Facebook

2.56 billion users on Youtube

1.47 billion users on Instagram

436 million users on Twitter

1 billion users on TikTok (fastest growing platform in the world)

You have access to virtually all of these people, and using these platforms is FREE!

The Course Modules

There are multiple lessons in each module

Confidence & Branding
We cover topics here to get your foundation right and ready. These video lessons will get you in the right mindset, help you identify the image you want to present, develop a message and establish the basis for your content.
Topics & Content
It's all about the content. We cover hot topics and how to pick great discussion points. I also teach you how to grow your followers.
Equipment & Tech
Here we set your stage. This includes backgrounds, lighting, sound and technical requirements for livestreams. We cover everything from low cost options to get you started to what the pros use.
Promotion & Audience
This where the rubber meets the road. I'll show you how to promote and use your livestreams to grow your audience, your influence and your bank account.
Content For Multiple Platforms
The foundation for success in anything is preparation and planning. Developing a content plan and resources for consistent usable content across multiple platforms will help you beyond measure.
The Social Platforms
Successful social media is authentic, sincere and transparent. Learn how to use Tik Tok for business, how to get more Youtube subscribers, how to dominate Instagram stories and how to flip the camera on FB lives.
Streamyard Training
Streamyard maximizes your podcast/show distribution channels, allowing you to stream to all major platforms easily and efficiently.
Creating A Podcast/Show
This is a great way to build your brand. I will walk you through setting up your own show or podcast to begin building a community and getting known.
Video, Email & Text Marketing
Unleash the power of video to get more attention, make a bigger impact and close more sales! We cover many industries including car sales, fundraising, medical offices, attorneys, real estate firms and many more.

What People Are Saying

Scott McKain, Hall of Fame Speaker

Jose Garza, Owner and Founder of BinBusters of California

PLUS: You Also Get These FREE Bonuses:

Interact and connect with other business owners and influencers. Ask questions, get feedback and collaborate.
These 90-minute sessions are interactive and often feature celebrity guests and successful entrepreneurs.
This ebook gives you topic ideas that hit the mark with your audience as well as tip and tricks for successful video and social media marketing.
Learn how to plan and organize your livestreams and marketing for maximum results with these easy to use downloadable templates.

But Wait, That’s Not All...

Right Now You Have Two Choices

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Option #2

Invest in yourself and in your business so you can catapult your influence and sales to create the freedom you want. You heard what some GrOwLive Academy members have accomplished as a result of this program. Come join us.

It's your turn.

Why Learn From Me

My name is Ken Walls, and I am the founder and CEO of a digital marketing, Web development and social media company I started in 2002. Understanding the power of video, I have been using it to market and promote clients on their websites since I have been in business.

My passions are technology, connecting with and helping people. I have done more than 3000 livestreams and have had the privilege of coaching and consulting with clients and celebrities all over the world on how to livestream and use social media properly to get the best results.

In 2017, I authored a best-selling book teaching people how to turn their lives and their businesses around by turning pain into profit. I have coached people on how to use technology and mindset to master their circumstances and start up or start over. 

Now, more than ever before in history, we have an unbelievable opportunity to achieve success and financial freedom using the Internet. It is all, literally, right at your fingertips. All you need is a little creativity, a drive to succeed and a willingness to learn. You can do this! I can help.

Enrollment Is Currently Open

I am 100% committed to each and every student in the GrOwLive Academy!

As a member of the academy and by attending the weekly mastermind calls, you will soon find out that we are a family. We are very close and everyone inside this group is fully dedicated to helping each other succeed!

Get started today and find out for yourself just how powerful and life-changing it is to be a part of such an amazing group and movement!

I'll see you on the inside!

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