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You can build a brand and generate massive sales and income using video, livestreaming and social media. So why isn't everyone doing it? Most people either are not sure how or feel anxious about it. 


There is a huge opportunity to achieve success and financial freedom using the internet. So, what is holding people back? The answer is knowledge.


I developed GrOwLive Academy, a step by step A to Z

in-depth course that teaches you all the secrets of how to use live video, social media and the latest tech marketing tools to help you:

Get more followers

Build more influence

Make high level connections

Attract more customers

Close more deals

Make more money


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What People Are Saying

What You Can Expect

If people don't know you, they can't do business with you. Money follows attention. To get more money and have more influence, you need more attention. Social media is the THE best and most affordable way to build your brand, grow your business, expand your influence and increase your sales. In this comprehensive in-depth program, I'll cover everything you need to succeed on social media platforms from building confidence to developing topics, and technical requirements to engaging with your audience. The star of this show is you, so Let's Get Started!

Why Learn From Me

My name is Ken Walls, and I am the founder and CEO of a digital marketing, Web development and social media company I started in 2002. Understanding the power of video, I have been using it to market and promote clients on their websites since I have been in business.

My passions are technology, connecting with and helping people. I have done more than 3000 livestreams and have had the privilege of coaching and consulting with clients and celebrities all over the world on how to livestream and use social media properly to get the best results.

In 2017, I authored a best-selling book teaching people how to turn their lives and their businesses around by turning pain into profit. I have coached people on how to use technology and mindset to master their circumstances and start up or start over. 

Now, more than ever before in history, we have an unbelievable opportunity to achieve success and financial freedom using the Internet. It is all, literally, right at your fingertips. All you need is a little creativity, a drive to succeed and a willingness to learn. You can do this! I can help.

What You Get

Here's a sampling of what you will learn inside the GrOw LIVE course

10 Modules, 110+ Video Lessons with ongoing additions, 6 Bonuses

Module 1


In this module, we cover topics to get your foundation right and ready. Eight video lessons will get you in the right mindset, help you identify the image you want to present, develop a message and establish the basis for your content, tone and feel.

Confidence On Camera

How to believe in your ability and trust  that your ideas, opinions and insights are valuable.

Developing Your Personal Brand

Why how you want to present yourself online is important factor in your results.

Setting Your Social Media Goals

Developing a road map for your success on livestreams and social media.

Which Platform To Use

Finding which social media platform(s) are right for you.

Creating a Fan Page

Why and how to create a personal fan page for yourself.

Getting Livestream Shares 

How to get people to interact with and share your livestream.

Plus, the Number One Way to Get More Engagement


Module 2


In this module, It's all about the content. We'll cover hot topics, and how to pick great discussion points. In addition to that, I'll teach you how to grow your followers. present, develop a message and establish the basis for your content, tone and feel.

Content & Topic Development

Learn what to talk about and how to prepare for your livestreams.

Talk To & Engage with Viewers

How to watch comments, acknowledge viewers and actively engage with them.

Use Comments To Grow Fanbase

How to use livestream conversations to grow more followers and increase shares.

How Giving Will Get You More

Find out why this is true in livestreaming viewers, followers and in business

Dealing with Judgment from Haters

How to be grateful for haters and when to engage with them

Streamyard Pro Title Trick! 

Learn this pro trick to titling livestreams that attracts more viewers.

Bonus video, Ken Walls wins trip on Grant Cardone's Jet


Module 3


In this module, we go behind the scenes to help you set your stage. This includes backgrounds, lighting, sound and technical requirements for livestreams. We will cover everything from simple low cost options to get you started to pieces professionals use.

Understanding Equipment

Learn about what you need and how it all works together to make streams work.

Lighting for Livestreams

Learn what type of lighting you will need based on where you are and why it's important.

Audio and Sound

How to make sure your sound is clear and incorporating other media.


Simple and easy ways to make your background enhance your stream.

Green Screen

Creating an affordable custom background, how to make it look authentic and change it.

Bringing on a Guest

All the ins and outs of bringing on a guest, managing their time and making it work.


Important Tech Tips for Streamyard BEFORE You Use It

Tech Tips For a Great Livestream


Module 4


Here's where the rubber meets the road. I'll show you how to promote and use your livestreams to start growing your audience, your influence and your bank account. 

Sharing Your Stream

Why people share livestreams and how to get them to do it for you, both live and on replay.

Promoting Your Livestream

How to get an audience and how to keep getting views long after the stream ends.

How To Use The Over App

Create great looking custom graphics on your phone with this cool app.

Streamyard Advanced

Making multiple platforms work for you using more in depth tactics.

Using Instagram Live

Learn how and when to use Instagram Live and customizing for this platform.

Youtube and Youtube Live

Maximize your opportunities by understanding these Youtube secrets.


Important Tech Tips
Facebook Live Boost!

BONUS: Using the Photoshop Mix App


Module 5


Here we will flip the camera around and focus on the people side of things. I'll teach you everything from getting more engagement to follow-up and tips and tricks to get you noticed.

Getting More People To Watch

Learn the best ways to attract and keep more viewers on your livestreams.

Camera Height and Eyelines

Connecting with your audience is critical. Learn technical nuances that make a big impact.

Sharing on Instagram

Each platform is different, and you need to customize for each. Learn Instagram here.

Facebook Business Pages

How to use a business page to get more attention and capture more leads.

How To Sell On A Livestream

Yes, you can ask for the sale. Knowing when and how will make it or break it.

Livestream Follow-up 

Taking time to go through comments and reach out to people can mean big $$

How To Like A Business Page As A Business Page
Getting More People To Share Your Streams
Livestream Interviews


Module 6


The foundation for success in anything is preparation and planning. Developing a content plan and resources for consistent usable content will help you beyond measure. I'll teach you about pillar content and how to get the most out of it.

Developing Pillar Content

What do we mean by this, how to create it and how to use it to it's max potential.

Posting For The Platforms

A big mistake often made is thinking you can just cross post everywhere. Not so. 

Titles That Get Attention

I'll teach you words, phrases and ways to make titles stand out to those you want to watch.

How To Make Your Brand Stand Out

In an ocean of people, products, services and videos, I'll teach you sure fire ways to stand out.

Adding Value

Why giving and helping will always pay you back far greater. I'll show you how.

BONUS: Instagram Stories Creativity 

Make yourself stand out, get engagement and attract followers.

Plus, how to get days of social media content out of one livestream


Module 7


The beauty of social media is that you are in charge of your story completely. That said, social media must be authentic, sincere and transparent. I'll show you how to use each platform, how to tailor your message for each and maximize your opportunities for growth.

Overcoming Anxiety - Just Do It

Identify your fears, understand where they are coming from and move past them.

Tik Tok For Business

Think Tik Tok is just for teens? Think again. Learn how to make an impact. 

Get More Youtube Subscribers

Top tips for getting more subscribers AND getting them to turn on their notifications.

Tik Tok Greenscreen Effects

In an ocean of people, products, services and videos, I'll teach you sure fire ways to stand out.

Instagram Stories

How to use them, why they are valuable, and how you can track data.

Flipping The Camera

On Facebook Lives...from your phone. Easy quick tips.

Module 8


There is no better opportunity right now for anyone than starting their own show or podcast. In this module, I will walk you through setting up your own show or podcast.

Creating A Show/Podcast

Step to choose and what to do to get started.

Who To Have On and How To Ask

Learn who to have on your show and how to get them on. 

Ninja Secret To Getting Big Names

Big name guests mean big viewership numbers. Learn how to get A-List guests.

Do A Review

I'll teach you how reviews can get you attention and make valuable connections.

Streamyard - Working With Guests

I'll teach you how to properly work the controls with a guest on your show.

How To Properly Introduce a Guest

This is definitely something you want to get right, and there is a right way.

How to Get Your Podcast on all of the major Podcast Platforms around the world!

Module 9


Learn how to make valuable connections and increase conversions by creating personalized video messages, emails and SMS through your favorite channels.

What Dubb Can Do For You

Get a tour of the system and how it can change your marketing game.

How To Use Dubb

Learn how to navigate the dashboard and get started.

Understanding and Creating CTAs

Identify your perfect Call To Action and how to create it in Dubb.

Ways To Create Videos in Dubb

Walk through how to create a video message that gets engagement and conversions.

Using The Mobile App

Learn how to use the Dubb App and create marketing messages on the go.

Dubb CEO & CTO - Live Training

Get the latest tips and tricks from Dubb leaders directly

Module 10 


Streamyard maximizes your podcast/show distribution channels, allowing you to stream to all the major platforms easily and efficiently. Learn all you need to know right here!

Streamyard Basics

Having Guests on Streamyard

How To Schedule A Livestream and Tag People

Sharing Videos On Streamyard

How To Have Someone Else Run Your Stream For You

Streamyard Title Trick

What People Are Saying

"Such a cool secret!" - Cory Calvin, Real Estate Investor (on engagement)


"And I thought I knew Instagram! I never knew you could select a custom color for the background of a shared story! Thanks, Ken!"
                                                  - James Beaudoin, owner, Green Choice Lawns

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Most Popular!

  • Access to full on-demand curriculum
  • Live weekly coaching calls with Ken and frequent celebrity guests
  • Ongoing addition of new content featuring the latest tech tools and tutorials

Key Benefits From This Course

  • Confidence and overcoming fear
  • Efficient and effective communication skills
  • Rapport building
  • High credibility and leadership skills
  • Connections with like minded people
  • Networking with qualified leads
  • Attention and brand awareness
  • Influence opinions
  • Technology skills that impact your bottom line
  • App library and skills
  • New prospects and customers
  • New revenue stream development
  • Personal brand building
  • Quality collaborations
  • Sales
  • Income generation
  • New opportunities
  • Increased revenue

What Are You Waiting For? Now Is Your Time

to bust out of obscurity, go live and use social media to successfully GROW your image, brand and business.
You have great ideas, products, services, opinions and knowledge! You need to share it!
Take advantage of the tools and technology right at your fingertips to change everything for you and your business.
I'll show you how. Let's get started!

Yearly Access Special

Just $997 up front per year

Most Popular!

  • Access to full on-demand curriculum
  • Live weekly coaching calls with Ken and frequent celebrity guests
  • Ongoing addition of new content featuring the latest tech tools and tutorials